The effect shown below is called “Bokeh”. Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image. To achieve the Bokeh effect photographers must use a shallow focus technique to create this pleasurable blue located outside the depth of field.


Creating is wonderful! And what a fun subject to use the lights from a carnival! Here, Louise Michaud is using her Canon 5D mark II to highlight the Salem Halloween Festival located in Salem, MA just north of Boston, MA. We are loving the complimentary colors balanced in the composition with the movement of the Ferris Wheel! Check out our other Halloween Video labeled “Salem’s Halloween Carnival”. If you have questions regarding how to use video on your Canon 5D mark II, Louise teaches 1-to-1 sessions that can be booked at any time. Named one of the best photographers in the North Shore, you are in good hands with Louise. For more information, check out her website for pricing and contact information.