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Don’s favorite image using LMP techniques!

Don’s Student Work


Student Work
Don Keeton

Settings: Nikon D300, ISO 640,
Shutter Speed 1/125 sec, Aperture 2,
Focal Length 50mm, Nikon 50mm 1.4 prime

Lighting: 1 on camera SB800 45 degree bounce; second SB800 behind the couple triggered by Radio Popper aimed into natural wood panel.

Expression: Natural

Comments: Don did a fantastic job balancing the flash on camera and the ambient light in the background.  I also love the slight tilt of the camera and the great expressions he captured.  I’m so happy to see my students using their new knowledge outside of the classroom.  Well done Don!


Steve’s Work

Steve Foster

Settings: Camera Canon 40D, ISO 100, Shutter speed 200, Aperture 5.6, Lens 135 F2, Lighting Natural

Lighting: Natural

Posing: Photo journalistic

Expression: Blissful

I love the composition! It is off centered and balanced by the man in action pedaling the pedal-cab. My eye goes directly to the brides face and her expression (it is beautifully lit with natural light). And the both have perfect profiles. I think the brides heal adds to the interest of the photograph.


Steve’s Work

Steve Foster

Settings:  Camera Canon 40D, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 1/15 sec, Aperture 5.6, Lens 135mm F2

Lighting: Flash

Posing: Photo journalistic

Expression: Natural

I love the crop on this photo, and the fact that Steve got right in their to show the make-up artist hands at work. It works well as a black and white. He used interior framing by centering the models head in the lighter square window behind her. This is a Photo-journalistic image as both people are unaware the photograph is being taking.


Nicole’s Student Work

Photography by Nicole DeMaria, Gown by French Bridals, Hair and Makeup by Lee Aldrich, Louise Michaud Photographer Worshop

Settings: Shutter Speed-160, F-stop 5.6, ISO 800, Camera – Canon Digital Rebel, Camera mode AV, Art work none.

Lighting: Natural indirect sunlight.

Posing: Face – “Perfect Profile,” Crop – 3/4, The bride appears relaxed, as her flowers are pointing down while her mind races – preoccupied with questions.

Composition: This is a strong composition. The brides face follows the “Rule of Thirds” which creates a focus and drama within the photograph.

Expression: Natural & pensive. Perfect for the pose.

Comments: Nicole did a beautiful job finding the natural light and posing the brides face in “perfect profile.” She used the diffused sunlight to light the “Mask” of the face and photographed into the shadow side creating dimension within the photograph. She captured a beautiful texture by allowing the natural light to gently touch upon the gown. This crop provides extra space on the right to compliment the brides expression.