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Don’t slack on your compact!

I know we’ve all been cutting back and thinking more carefully about what to spend our money on in these economic challenges, and though I fully encourage cutting costs in every way, this post is about why to spend the few extra bucks for life long memories.

Specifically, I’m talking about the profession of make up artistry. For many women, we may be able to get along with our daily mascara and chapstick alright, and know how to glam up for an occasional night out on the town, well that’s all good and welcomed but what happens when you get photographed? THAT is a whole new ball game! And this is where the professional make-up artists come in handy. For decades the world of make-up artists have been taught to contour with multiple shades of foundation and enhance your features purposely for the way a camera will perceive you. Understanding what the camera will and will not pick up is the fatal lesson that many women forget when not having their make-up done for an event that is being photographed, like their wedding day. You may not think so, but applying professional make-up to get you “camera ready” is a lot more complicated than it appears.

The purpose for these make-up artists are to help make you feel like your best self. And with that, they already understand the relationship between your look and the camera steering you clear away from any disappointments in your memories of your facial appearance that day. What much of the public does not understand is that there are a lot of guidelines to follow, for example: different types of foundation and eye-shadow can add a shiny look to your skin reflecting off the flash from the camera or the sun that is picked up by the photographer’s camera lens leaving you with an unpleasant shine. This goes for different types of lipsticks as well. And just like when your grandmother powdered her nose, there are products out there in thin compacts which its soul purpose is to eliminate the natural glow. Also, choosing a bronzer and a blush to define your cheek bones is a great combination. Using the more natural color first with the blush as a pop of color helps keep you from looking flat in imagery. And I bet you had no idea that you should use a yellow-based foundation rather than a pink-based foundation due to how the camera registers you and that is just the basics! But a good professional make-up artist will know this and much more to help you look flawless on your day.

If you are in the North Shore area of Massachusetts, we highly recommend rouge cosmetics as your make-up artist. Located on Derby St. in Salem, just up the street from our studios. All of these lovely girls (shown below) are educated and talented and best of all, will listen to your questions and concerns.

And don’t forget, just like skimping on your make-up production for your special day may cause disaster, the same thing goes for professional photography…but that is for another post. 😉

New Video Technique!

Louise Michaud Photographer introduces new video technique for commercial use!

We are proud to welcome our new family member, Slider. Slider is a video technique that creates a smooth shooting effect once only obtained by Hollywood directors and their huge production teams. Just like the enormous camera dolly sitting on a track, our evolved Canon Mark II (much smaller in size), glides along mimicking Hollywood’s panning style.

For visual purposes we use this hands free device to steadily flow through a scene in a linear direction creating a professional and advanced look for your commercial, then easily viewed on various social media sites, company websites, and YouTube. Envision this technique panning your product while your narrate, or yourself on-screen advertising your business. Let’s get creative and get your business out on the online mainstream!

~The Team at Louise Michaud Photographer

For more information, please contact Louise Michaud Photographer at (978) 594 1728

A Beautiful Boston Wedding, Four Seasons Hotel

What we do over here at Louise Michaud Photographer is create visual memories of your special occasions! Here, we used fusion film (mixing digital SLR video and stills) to show off this blissful wedding occasion filled with friends, family, laughter, and love! Seriously, wow! What a way to remember your special day! This is PERFECT for fun fashionable brides!

New Seabury Country Club Wedding

The photograph below was awarded a blue ribbon to Louise Michaud last weekend at the annual PPAM convention located at the Radisson Hotel in Plymouth, MA.

PPAM stands for Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts which is an organization affiliated with the International Photographers Association and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). PPA is a worldwide association which exists to assist its members in achieving their professional, artistic and fraternal goals; promote public awareness of the profession; and to advance the making of images in all of its disciplines as an art, a science and a visual recorder of history. The Massachusetts state affiliate, PPAM is comprised of more than 200 photographers suppliers and image makers.


We love this photograph not only for the beautiful natural light that forms flattering depth around the subjects face but because it tells a wonderful, true story. It’s a photojournalistic styled image documenting a special moment of the bride’s entrance. Her white limo slowly pulls up to the chapel; the tinted window rolls down just enough for the bride to see in true color what surrounds her special day. Her mother and sister are captured in the reflection of the window below her smiling face, watching and supporting while it all sinks in.

The judges of PPAM’s annual convention believed the mother and sister were inserted into the image via Photoshop. That comment brought up a few thoughts about the industry and its fast changing times.

I wonder if any other photographers in the industry feel the same nostalgia referencing to old photojournalistic photographs. There was great value behind one very well composed, black and white balanced image. We knew the patience and time that went into it. Whether it was days sitting out in nature waiting for the right amount of clouds and sunshine to cast shadow over a landscape or weeks in a war zones risking life to capture that one image which evokes such emotion the rest of the world FINALLY gets it. No, now we are seeing a new generation. Which we will embrace, and learn to love, but for now it almost seems as though the mystery of photography is gone. The awe of Photography was to create a 2D form of a moment in time that is of something real. There was no Photoshop, where you could easily insert an illusion into the photograph. The quick age of wonderment around guessing whether it was or was not created in Photoshop has also passed. People now automatically assume that what you create is no longer “real” but is all digitally enhanced and manipulated with computer technology.

As of now, professionals still hold value to these photographs printed on various styles of fiber paper, as it is apparent when locked in a volt in some of the world’s best museums, but will that change? In the future, what are we going to hold value to, regarding imagery?

Image was taken in front of St. Elizabeth Seton North Falmouth, MA
The reception was held at New Seabury Country Club. For more information visit

With the holidays approaching, we give gifts of inspiration and joy.  If a new camera (or camera accessory) is on your list for a special someone, let’s not forget that (like men should stop and ask for directions) we could all use a little help sometimes.
Louise Michaud Photographer is offering Gift Certificates for private sessions (one on ones) that are completely custom made for your loved ones needs.  This ranges anywhere from basic camera knowledge through pro photography, including off camera flash, selective focus, natural light, etc.

For $150.00 you will have a 2 hour, one on one with Louise Michaud.

Please feel free to email Louise Michaud at any time or call the studio at 978-594-1728, Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm for any questions!