Marriage Proposal – Salem MA

Of all the types of photography sessions that we do, shooting a marriage proposal is absolutely the most fun.  It’s one that allows us to become small part of the event, witness it first hand and capture it for posterity.

Your proposal moment will be filled with passion, intimacy, joy and surprise.    These shoots are always exciting and rewarding for us and above all the couple.


We help guide the “proposer”, usually the groom through the planning and execution of a marriage proposal captured photojournalistically and followed by beautiful professional engagement portrait session.

Photograph of woman astonished at marriage proposal

Location awareness

Location awareness is one key to a successful proposal.  We have been shooting in Salem and around the north shore of Boston and know lots of great spots and backdrops.  Balancing locations, time of day, weather contingencies and other factors make a big difference on the outcome and reduced stress level.   Less stress and more fun is the goal.

We use two photographers to guarantee perfect shots from multiple angles.  We will be sneaky and will be hidden in plain sight.

photograph of man sliding engagement ring onto woman's finger


An initial planning session via phone or Zoom lets us know what your overall plan and desires are.   We get your location preferences as well as your overall plan to pop the question if you’ve got one yet.  This often happens weeks or a month before hand.  Some prefer a very quiet intimate proposal, others go all out.  Here’s a list of 66 ideas from The Knot

We get on the phone with you as the day gets closer.  You can always reach us and we are always ready to be your eyes and ears here in Salem.

On the morning of the event you will take and send us a selfie showing how you are dressed.    We’ll give you instructions like “ once you arrive at the common, text us and walk counter clockwise around the common until you get to point X”.

You text us when you are in the area.  At this point, tiny constant changes usually happen for one reason or another, but that’s part of the fun.  You’ll see us and know that the time is at hand.  From that moment, it’s up to you.  Our job is to get provide a photojournalistic view of this special moment.  The actions and reactions.  The laughing and the tears.

Photograph of post marriage proposal embrace


Afterward we’ll head to an area locally to get very professional portraits that you can use for wall art, gift prints, Save-the-date cards, Facebook banners – whatever you need.  The portraits we take are composed and captured to show you both as a couple.


Photographic portrait of post marriage proposal couple

We have many great locations but one of our favorites is Winter Island in Salem.  It’s got some old spooky historical building, the ocean, a lighthouse, deep woods and rolling fields.  There’s something for everyone there.

Post marriage proposal port with new engagement ring


Afterwards, there are great restaurants in the area to go and celebrate your new life together.

Photographic portrait of post marriage proposal couple

Let us know how we can help you with your proposal.