“A great headshot lets people know what you look like.  Personal branding extends that to let people immediately know who you are and what you do.”



Personal branding photography is a crucial asset to anyone who is trying to expand their following, capture the attention of future clients, or grow their business.

Work with us to create a custom personal branding session that showcases not only your business and services, but the passion and inspiration behind your work and mission as well.


Things to consider when planning your session: 

Location: This is your chance to show the world where all the magic happens, whether it’s in your home office, your storefront, or even outdoors!

Style: Your style should elegantly portray your personality and indicate the type of work you do. Read more about styling for portrait sessions here!

Props: Think about the things you use and interact with every day at work. Including these items in your session is key for telling the world what you do

Business-in-action: Aside from traditional portraits, a personal branding session captures “candids” of you acting out your role in your business. These shots help tell the story of your brand and let future clients know what to expect when working with you.



Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level?


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