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New Workshops!

Posing and Lighting People

The posing and lighting workshop focuses on making your clients look their best.  Louise will teach expert techniques on body blocking, positioning, lighting ( natural light, on & off camera flash), and posing.  She will teach how to find the best angle for different body types and faces.  She will also demonstrate how to effectively match your clients pose to the background.  The workshop will take place indoors and out (weather permitting).  As there are many beautiful historical landmarks, parks and sites in Salem there will be ample opportunity to shoot portfolio quality work with a master photographer by your side.  At the end of your workshop you will leave with all of Louise’s professional insight and at least one print of your favorite shot.

All levels welcome

1Day Workshop 145.00

Basic Digital SLR Camera Functions

With a fancy new digital SLR camera comes a whole slue of questions.  Photographers progress from good to great when they are confident with their equipment.  This 2 – day workshop demystifies all the buttons, gadgets and gizmos on your camera.  Louise will teach you how and when to use different shutter speeds, white balances, focusing options and how to manipulate exposure.  There will be still lives and models available as subjects to build your portfolio.  On the final day a class critique will give you the honest insight needed to improve your work. This hands-on workshop is ideal for beginner photographers who are looking to understand every angle of digital SLR cameras.

Beginner – Intermediate

2 1/2 Day workshop 540.00

Point &  Shoot, Download & Print

Digital Cameras have changed the way people view our world today.  The instant gratification of digital photography is short lived when you can’t or don’t know how to turn your digital files into tangible prints.  This workshop teaches best practice techniques on transferring your images from your camera to computer to print.  At the end of the three hour workshop you will have a full understanding of your point and shoot camera and the steps necessary to making your own prints.

Should you have any confusion after your first workshop you are more than welcome to register for a free refresher class any of the following weeks.

Point & Shoot, Download & Print workshop is open to seniors and teens on two different workshop days

Professional Photoshop Techniques

There is a reason why professional photographs always stand out over other images.  When you have a good shot you can make it great in post production.  The Photoshop workshop teaches how to edit and retouch all photographs with a focus on portrait enhancement.  We cover blemish removal, skin softening, head swaps, color correction, sharpening, cropping, filters, & weight reduction.  These techniques will enhance your images and teach you how to bring your work to a polished professional level.

All Levels Welcome

1 Day workshop

To learn more about our workshops please contact Louise Michaud Photographer at Louise@louisemichaud.com.