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Ben’s Bar Mitzvah!

A Bar Mitzvah is a rite of passage filled with ritual and tradition. And I love that part of it!


I was fortunate enough to photograph Ben’s Parents Wedding!  I feel like I’m part of the family!


And this guy was having the time of his life! He danced all night to the rocking tunes of DJ Maverick and quite frankly I don’t know how he could walk by the end of the night.


Beautiful flowers were arranged by Jeri Solomon from Jeri Solomon Floral Design.

Food was fabulous and catered by The Catered Affair  with Toby keeping her watchful eye on everything to making sure it came out on time and perfect. Kelly Delaney from Cakes for Occasions made this unique cake. Ben chose a sports theme. Check out the cool uniforms on the cake.

ImageWe learned how many special people Ben has in his life.




Ben was clever and creative with his poetry and inviting everyone up.


The Hora!





Still dancing!


Ben and his friends.

Bokeh Lighting

The effect shown below is called “Bokeh”. Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image. To achieve the Bokeh effect photographers must use a shallow focus technique to create this pleasurable blue located outside the depth of field.

Creating is wonderful! And what a fun subject to use the lights from a carnival! Here, Louise Michaud is using her Canon 5D mark II to highlight the Salem Halloween Festival located in Salem, MA just north of Boston, MA. We are loving the complimentary colors balanced in the composition with the movement of the Ferris Wheel! Check out our other Halloween Video labeled “Salem’s Halloween Carnival”. If you have questions regarding how to use video on your Canon 5D mark II, Louise teaches 1-to-1 sessions that can be booked at any time. Named one of the best photographers in the North Shore, you are in good hands with Louise. For more information, check out her website for pricing and contact information.


It’s the second day of spring and we are already feeling the rejuvenating effects of that big yellow ball in the sky.  Aw, Spring, that wonderful time of year where you dust off the cobwebs attached to the wheels inside your head, and go out and get creative again!

We know wedding season is fast approaching and now that you’ve oiled your wheels and put your thinking caps on, let’s get to the good stuff!  You, your beloved family member, or friend is planning her dream wedding.  Little did she realize how much there was to think about!  Right?  She puts herself into every portion of the preparation, linking together the color palette, the theme, the food palette, the seating chart, (oh, the dreaded seating chart!) making sure every little detail is accountable for, and not forgotten.  And on her day, she wants to see her story come to life!  And that’s where Louise Michaud Photographer comes in.  Known for her reliability Louise will create the visual documentation to your Wedding Day Story.

Having been in the business for 25+ years, Louise knows the ins and outs.  She will ask the right questions maximizing the chapters of your beautiful day.   Adding to these benefits she keeps up with these high tech modern times.  Your memories can be played out in various styled contemporary wedding albums, or online fusion film merging stills and video fit to be shared on your iphone, ipad, or facebook page.  Louise Michaud Photographer is committed to your requests and gains life long clients.  Give her a call at 978-594-1728 for more information.  She’s looking forward to speaking with you! Oh, and, CONRATULATIONS!!

July Wedding Workshop

Pick up your camera and join Master photographer, Louise Michaud in a fun, informative, career jumping weekend workshop in Wedding Photography. Located in the historic district of Salem, MA, the studio of Louise Michaud Photographer is a perfect setting for an inspiring experience.

During the course of the workshop, Louise takes you to some of her favorite shooting locations in the near by parts for a hands on posing and lighting demo. As a great addition to the workshop, a local church is used for a learning session on the how to of gracefully chasing a bride and groom down the isle. Louise will help you gain knowledge of the technical aspects of wedding photography like using an on and off camera flash, natural light and when to use fill flash and reflectors (allowing space for you creative visions), as well as walking you through “booking a client” business forms, and work flow organization.

Join Louise for a pleasant weekend to enhance your career, photographic skills and creative energy so that you can make your passions a reality!

Further details can be found under the “workshop” section of www.louisemichaud.com