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Sparklers, Signs and great ideas for a fun wedding photography!

Sparklers, Signs and great ideas for a fun wedding photography!Kristen and John had so many great ideas for their wedding. The day was just perfect. She got dressed at her mother’s home and requested a photograph of herself in her gown and sitting. We used a mirror for this beautiful natural light portrait of her at her mother’s home. I love her expression! 2399 (1) Streamers are a great props for a celebration and group photograph! 0622 (1)0629 (1) We went to The Boston Public Gardens for the formal photographs. 1999 The jump photo was their idea! Jump photos used to be pretty popular about 25 years ago. I think they are making a come back. 1990 (1)She made her signs and we used many locations at the Boston Public Garden. 1917 (1)2082 (1)Her reception was at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston. 10520510 John surprised her with this special car ride from the church to the reception 0713 (1)The Colonnade Boston Wedding of Kristin and John with ceremony at the St. Joseph in Needham and reception at the Colonnade in Boston photographed by Louise Michaud Photographer, 222 Derby Street can be reached at 978-594-1728 or email Louise @louisemichaud.com

Getting the skinny on make-up.


Lights, camera, action! Regardless as to whether you are having your publicity portrait done as an actor, model, author or engineer, you’ll need to apply make-up to look your best. Salem professional make-up artists at Rouge (Jennifer, Tracy, Brandon or Kira) will coordinate their schedules with your portrait session.  Rouge has natural lighting and the artists are trained at how to have you looking your best for the photo shoot. You can also receive complementary instruction at department stores such as Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor. If you prefer to apply your own make-up, here are some tips.

*Apply foundation in an even and natural way. Be sure the color matches your skin tone and brush on to achieve a smooth and blended coverage.

*Use a matte powder to reduce the shine on forehead and nose- men and women.

*Eyes are the focus. Naturally applied mascara, eyeliner and shadow can define and enhance your eyes.  For special occasion portraits consider false eyelashes, they can be applied just for the shoot and removed easily. They are the most natural way to bring out and brighten your eyes. They are subtle and flattering.

*If you’re a hay fever sufferer consider a few drops of Visine before your session.

*Use lip liner with your lipstick but don’t overdo it.  Be sure to line the entire lip not just the outline. Use a natural lip tone or match the lipstick color.

*Do not use glitter or shimmering products.

*Avoid getting a facial or spray tan in the days before your session as they can cause irritation.

QUOTE from Ann Massey owner of rouge cosmetics “We love to work with Louise. She takes beautiful pictures and we work together to ensure you look your best for your photo shoot!” To book an appointment call rouge at 978-740-1044 or email info@rouge.com and for more info visit http://www.rouge.com/